Stefan Krause was born on 10/16/1976 as Stefan Günther (Guenther) and grew up in a small german village called Hammelspring, close to the small town Templin.Templin is famous for being so close to nature, with dozens of lakes, forrests and meadows around it.  Most people may have heard about it, because Angela Merkel grewed up here as well (It might be a good fun fact the Stefan got physics lessons by the same teacher like she).

In his everyday life, Stefan Krause works in sales for software companies. In his free time he enjoys to have time with his little daughter, to play with his 2 dogs (really cute Frenchies ;) ) or work in the garden.

But he also loves to discover what is around him. So, he's leaving home at every opportunity with his camera in his hand.

Sometimes he simply explores the Ansbach area,  the place where he has lived since 2013 and where there is so much to discover. And when he's on a business trip and he can make it happen, he loves to discover great places far from home.

Until summer of 2019 he worked with multiple Canon cameras. He started with an Canon EOS 400D and EOS 600D in the 2000's. In 2013 he discovered the EOS 7D - a lightning fast camera that was great for visiting car racing events like the 24 hours of the Nuerburgring.

This camera really was just awesome, especially combined with the Canon EF 100-400mm L IS USM optics.

This speed monster made him hungry for more, and he wanted to try different things and whenever he read about those ideas it came to full frame. - So. on Christmas 2014 he ordered the EOS 5D Mark III and was well prepared for his trip to US.

He expanded a business trip to Las Vegas and spent a week visiting Death Valley, Yosemite and San Francisco. The capabilities of the 5D were big fun while taking pictures.

After having limited time for his favorite hobby, because of buying a house and doing some renovation and redesign of the garden, but also becoming a dad in 2018, he decided to restart his hobby after summer of 2019.

He sold all of his Canon equipment, except his 100-400 lense, and invested into a Sony Alpha 7 Mark III.

We can't wait to see the next level of his photography development.